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Storage and logistics

All Freight Logistics is a logistics services company with a global range of services, allowing customers, agents, and private persons to outsource their logistic activities.

All Freight Logistics truly integrates (totally or partially, depending on the needs) into your logistics chain. We even deliver directly to your production chain. Thanks to our own bonded warehouse, we can keep your shipments in transit until the moment they are sold or needed in production, this service of flexibility will assist you in your cash flow situation.

Modular logistics services company

We offer modular solutions, adapted to your products. Our specialists implement customized solutions to any of you and according to the kind and fragility of your products. We offer also the 3 PL and pick & pack solutions.

By optimizing your manufacturing and distribution processes, All Freight Logistics will assist you to save a lot of money, and increase your competitive advantage.

  • Bonded and free warehouse
  • Supply chain management
  • Stock management
  • Order picking
  • Assembly and packing
  • Quality control
  • 3 party logistics
  • Invoicing
  • National and international distribution

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