Sea Freight Logistics

Brussels, the heart of Europe, is a strategic place for the sea freight of goods. Not only does it offer you a first-class airport, it is situated nearby one of the major global ports: Antwerp. Also Zeebrugge, the second largest port of Belgium, plays an important role in sea freight logistics with direct connections to China. The port of Rotterdam (The Netherlands) is in close reach from our office.

All Freight Logistics is in daily direct contact with both ports and offers you all the transportation details to and from both Belgium ports.

Professional sea freight logistics

Thanks to the expertise and knowledge, All Freight Logistics offers you a professional service of smooth custom clearance through customs checkpoints. Due to our license and professional approach in sea freight logistics we are able to perform clearance of your goods received in the port of Antwerp out of our Brussels Airport office. By working in this proactive way, we can save time and offer you a next day delivery.

Sea freight logistics container info

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