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If you’re looking for a freight specialist, All Freight Logistics is the way to go!

Let me tell you my story...

I was born a couple of years after the Second World War in 1948. My parents had been farmers all their lives, which means that as a kid I knew what hard working was like. Now, after so many years I am proud of that and it still helps me today!

Back in 1968 my career in this industry started at the lowest level, as a courier for AMI, a big company that belonged to the CMA Compagnie Maritime Belge. I did the follow-up of all customs documents and helped in the import department. Three years later I started working for a small local freight forwarder specialist & customs broker. There I really learned the job in both import and export, later on as a salesman.

In 1980 I got the opportunity to work as an Airfreight Manager for "Gerlach", a big European company. I did that job until 1985 when I opened the air freight branch for Livingston International at the Brussels International airport. Another 5 years later in 1990, my dream came true and I opened my own company.

Why do I tell you this? Simply, because i want to prove you that you can trust us! At All Freight Logistics we believe in reliability. My people and i believe that you should be advised about trade and transportation requirements in a highly professional way.

Therefore you can count on us. Today and tomorrow!